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Welcome to DynoTec.
Our goal is to push automobile
personalization to the maximum
to create unique and efficient vehicles.

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Green Drive


GreenDrive is a Tesla accessorist in Europe. Specialized in customization with all types of products for all models.

Dynotec Parts


DynoTec Parts pushes the customization of your car to its peak. Precise personalization in the search for aesthetics and performance.

Who We Are

DynoTec is a team of passionate people in the search for perfection and automotive performance. We import, manufacture and design all types of products.

Our Expertise

The two founders have combined their knowledge of the automobile and technology to create DynoTec. Your one-stop shop for automotive customization and optimization.

Our experience allows us to design and create successful and efficient products. Today, thanks to partner factories in France, USA, Asia, Ukraine, we have the capacity to respond to all requests and create anything we imagine. Our imagination is the only limit.

Product Design

We understood that the search for performance and aesthetics had to go together. That's why we have now embarked on product development and tweaking to make them perfect. We are always listening to modify and improve our products if necessary.

Checking adjustment

All our products are tested to guarantee a perfect fit on the car as well as increased resistance to withstand road tests on tracks, but also to vendalism that the vehicle can undergo.


Once the prototypes have been validated and tested, we launch mass or unit production according to the requests in partner factories, with important quality controls.


The products can be found directly on our websites, directly shipped from France to the whole world. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this allows our customers to think about the customization of their car without limit.

We have the privilege of working with some of the largest and most iconic brands. We are developing our network of installers throughout Europe to simplify the installation of our products. Do not hesitate to contact them to accompany you in the installation.

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Have an idea or an epic project in mind? Talk to us. Let us work together and make something great. Shoot us a message at